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A Buyers Agent isn't an Uber ride to show homes. 

When purchasing a home, you should consider who you value to provide you good, sound and accurate information on the area, homes, schools and professional services for a successful, happy and proud purchase.   You get one opportunity to get this right and it could last you years.

As an example, if you needed a medical procedure, something that requires, care, thorough area knowledge and years of expertise, would you let just anyone do the job? Probably not.

Hiring a buyer’s agent that only represents you, your best interests and NOT the sellers,  an agent that has a certified background and expertise, should be the professional you are looking for to secure your next home.

Be Picky!!  That's a good trait when house shopping.  

Your Buyer’s agent should be patient and provide you the answers you need to have a good house hunting experience.   Knowledge of the area and a good understanding of home construction are also big benefits when looking for the right buyers agent.

Quite honestly, finding the right home is the easy part.  Your agent needs to have the experience and back ground of the legal paperwork that goes into the purchase contract.  A Buyer's agent should be your peace of mind that you have someone in your corner that is looking out for your best interest, ALWAYS!  Real estate transactions don't always go smoothly and often have changes and addendums but they don't necessarily have to be stressful.

Can your Buyers Agent offer you advice on repairs and costs with your inspection report?

It’s almost never smooth sailing once you make an offer on a home.  However,  between you and your Buyer's agent, you should have a strategy to making and presenting your offer.  Purchasing your home is a team effort.  When all parties involved work toward the common goal of getting a home purchased and or sold, it is a great experience for all involved.  For those times that it doesn't quite work out that way, you have a buyers agent in your corner that only looks out for your best interests and ultimately toward a successful close of escrow.

In the end, we love working with our clients to secure them their next home.  Let’s meet to discuss your options.