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Digital Marketing Strategies with Phoenix Homes

Mobile, Digital, Online Marketing

It's our privilege to work with you.  Phoenix Homes works to combine the internet/digital marketing and other strategies to encompass a 360° approach. Today more than 92% of buyers begin their home search online thus changing the face of how we market.  We market in local papers, magazines and other national venues.  These platforms help continue to drive traffic back to your home through Our main focus is creating a specific digital/internet strategy for you and your home.   Our listings are positioned locally and world wide– thus making the entire world our market.  The Phoenix Home Team believes in creating a unique marketing program for each or our valued client listings.  We provide your home a 360° marketing plan day and night for one reason, to get your home sold.


Phoenix Homes Showing Time App
Phoenix Homes Showing Time App


Phoenix Homes works towards making the listing process as easy as possible for our clients.  One of the many ways we do this is through you own personal listing app.

The Showing Time listing app provides you the ease of approving or declining a showing depending on your schedule all at your fingertips.  The app also lets you know which brokerage and agent is showing your home, when they arrived, when they left and any feedback they have from their buyers.   Truly an interactive app that is in real time.

Phoenix Homes is here to assist you in every aspect of your selling process and continues to work toward providing you all the information needed when selling your home.



Our marketing strategy and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are key components for Phoenix Homes. Over 90% of buyers who purchased their home found their home on the internet. We work hard to consistently rank  #1 for Phoenix Homes on GOOGLE. What does this mean for you, exposure and marketing of your home at the highest level. With all your market competition, getting your home found is key to getting it SOLD.

Whether purchasing or selling, we will work with you, along with our network of professionals, to provide you the level of service you have come to expect with Phoenix Homes.


Phoenix Homes, Cave Creek AZ


At Phoenix Homes we use HD video quality and post to our You Tube Channel as well as and many other online sources to get your home the exposure it needs.  This allows current active buyers and those looking to relocate the ability to easily view your listing, anytime, anywhere and schedule a showing.

We place your listing on our YouTube channel which is linked back to ,one of the highest local organic ranking websites by google.   Our website platform, along with others, will provide you a much larger volume of people viewing your listing.  This, in turn, will provide the opportunity for more scheduled showings.   One of the reasons for this, is because Google owns YouTube.We utilize as many avenues and mediums as possible to get your home noticed by all those who are actively searching for homes in the Phoenix area.


Phoenix Homes Drone Marketing


High end Drones are revolutionizing real estate marketing. Home listings that utilize high-quality video aerial photography provide a buyer a perspective that other homes just won’t have.  As listings agents, drones have been one of the most important technologies to enter the industry since the internet.

High quality aerial footage of our clients total home envelope, surroundings and community have been a game-changer when it comes to marketing the beauty of the home and area a buyer is considering.   We have found this addition to our total marketing efforts, is a game changer.

Because of a drones unique POV (point of view), it is impossible to replicate from traditional photography. Aerial views are not only pleasing to watch, due to their cinematic effects, they are also informational. Honestly, you would have to climb the highest tree around; but even then, the shot could not be captured nearly as beautifully as if it was done with a drone.

Drones are not a technology that will go away, they are here to stay. For us, as high end Realtors, drones are a part of our job. Real estate marketing has changed drastically since drones were introduced to the industry and it’s easy to see why.  Drones are easily accessible, videos go viral and they offer a level of quality photography and video no other technology can.

With technology that cannot be replaced by any ordinary camera, a simple photo just isn’t enough. Using a drone will help your real estate marketing stand out above the competition and also provide potential buyers the additional information to make a good informed decision on exactly what they are looking for.


Phoenix Homes Listing Flyer


Working toward finding you the perfect home.  Those that are taking the time to canvas the internet, drive neighborhoods and research communities are serious Buyers.  When they get to your home, a solid first impression is what you have to offer. That showing, needs to be a memorable one.

Offering a full color,  information rich property flyer is a good take away for a prospective buyer.  When previewing 5-15 homes on an average outing, homes can get jumbled for a buyer.  Offering this type of take away information will help them remember why they chose to visit your home, and possibly, make an offer.


Phoenix Homes and Social Media


Striving to go above and beyond your expectations.  Social Networking is a must and is a great way to get the word out that your home is for sale.  These platforms provide additional ways to capture the attention of potential buyers and provide them information that your home is on the market in the Phoenix area allowing us to work together in a much larger capacity.  It helps to inform our family, friends and co-workers about your sale or purchase.   Through these accounts, we look to inform everyone, that we have a new listing. The Phoenix Homes advantage, market strategy and social media casts a very wide net over the phoenix market.   This is to capture as much market interest as possible and to position your home for the highest rate of success.


Digital Yard Signage


Consistently working toward finding you the right solution.  Text messages are a form of communication that most, if not all of us, use on a minute to minute basis throughout the day.  Mobile marketing and mobile real estate go hand in hand in today's market.

The Mobile Text Marketing works like this; The buyer creates a TEXT TO: 800.701.6509 with MSG: WEREHOME,  thats it.   This provides those interested buyers instant information on your home.  It also sends their request via email and/or text message directly to your agent. Once received,  your agent will follow up on the lead, answer their questions and discuss the potential of a scheduled showing.

Research shows 68% of home shoppers utilize mobile applications throughout their home search.  Providing a real-time resource for active buyers who are driving your neighborhood is essential. Digital signage is just one more way we provide state of the art advertising to capture every lead possible to sell your home.


Global Marketing


Working together as a team.  Realty Executives was founded in 1965.  Their first office was right here in Phoenix with the premise to support the most productive real estate agents.  Since then, real estate companies have come and gone but Realty Executives has stood the test of time.  Today, Realty Executives has more than a 50-year legacy of innovation.  This foundation has attracted generations of the industry’s leading real estate agents.  Realty Executives and Realty Executives Global, combined, are in over 500 offices and 32 countries world wide and growing. It is these principles and company integrity why Phoenix Homes chose Realty Executives as it's Real Estate Broker and partner.