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You Can Defer Real Estate Taxes Indefinitely

Working together as a team.  Owners of investment properties, including multi-unit residential and commercial buildings, can defer paying high capital gains taxes when they sell. We assist investors with “exchanging” properties and strategically improving their rate of return by minimizing taxes.

1031 Exchange Benefit



Home Owners Can Save $250K in Taxes When Selling

We look to do, in the best way possible.  Home owners who have lived in their residence for two of the past five years each qualify for a “capital gains exclusion” of $250,000 when they sell. If your home has appreciated in value since it was purchased, you may be able to dramatically decrease or eliminate your capital gains taxes.

Capital Gains Exclusions



How You Hold Title May Have Major Tax Consequences

We are happy to help.  Changing the way you hold title in Arizona may lower your tax and legal liability and better protect your assets when certain life-events take place. We can collaborate with our team of attorneys and accountants, along with your advisers, to provide you with an analysis of how to best hold title.

Holding Title in Arizona



Protect Your Assets from Lawsuits & Taxes

A family trust is an advanced type of estate plan where the protection of your family’s assets, including your home and real estate investments, is strategically planned and managed. The benefits of trusts are invaluable by safe-guarding against creditors, claims, and other risks.

Family Trusts



Earn Income from Your Second Home

Thank you for leaning on us.  Homes can provide additional income by converting them to vacation or traditional rentals. Vacation rentals offer the flexibility of weekly terms, so you can reserve the property for family vacations. Traditional leases offer the convenience of long-term leases while providing positive cash flow.

Second Home Income



You Can Earn Income While Owning a Vacation Home

Vacation rentals provide the best of both worlds – lucrative financial returns and availability for family vacations. San Diego beach-front and other popular tourist locations are especially enticing because they frequently rent for thousands of dollars per week during the vacation seasons.

Vacation Rentals



Leverage a Stock Portfolio to Qualify for a Mortgage

Thank you for taking the time.  Several large brokerage firms offer clients the opportunity to attain a mortgage by using their stocks, bonds, and other securities as collateral. These types of mortgages are often available at very attractive rates and empower investors to buy real estate without selling their financial assets.

Portfolio Backed Mortgages


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