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Don’t Go It Alone

Why use a realtor?

So you’ve reached  the decision that you’re ready to sell your home in Phoenix Arizona. Now, you’re probably contemplating whether or not you should hire a Realtor. You’re tempted to try it on your own – after all, everyone online says it’s a sellers’ market and you know your home better than anyone. Most importantly, you think it would maximize your profit since you won’t have to pay a commission. Will it really? The industry’s numbers say otherwise.  Lets take a look at what those numbers say;

Statistics show that selling your home with a professional will give you a higher profit – more than enough to cover the commission as well as put money in your pocket. As of July 2014, NAR (National Association of Realtors) statistics show that the average FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sale price was $184,000 while the average sale price of a home represented by an agent was $230,000, a difference of $46,000.

Owners often feel that they are offering a better price because it’s sans the commission, which they feel they can deduct from the price. However, potential buyers have a completely different perspective. In their mind they see what you are asking and deduct the commission mentally and that becomes their price to start negotiating from. In effect you are paying two commissions. Your deduction and then the buyer’s calculated “deduction.”

Another statistic worth noting is that 89% of buyers purchased their homes using REALTORS® – that leaves only 11% of buyers shopping on their own and most of that 11% will eventually hire a Realtor. If you’re still on the fence about just how advantageous a Realtor can be, consider the following top three benefits of having an experienced real estate professional by your side during this crucial process:

1. Realtors have valuable connections that you can take advantage of.

Selling a home requires a lot more effort and consideration than simply putting a “For Sale” sign in your front yard and hoping for the best.

Real estate dealings are legal transactions where in-depth knowledge of the industry and the prevailing market ups your chances of reaching the broadest range of buyers you desire. A trusted Realtor can bring precise marketing strategies to the table and tap into an invaluable network of Realtor connections to successfully conclude a sale.

A Realtor’s knowledge and experience are invaluable, and make short work of what could be a drawn-out process you might not have the time – or the inclination – for.

2. Realtors have mad negotiation skills.

All real estate transactions involve negotiations. Even if a buyer is willing to pay the full asking price for your home, it may still be necessary to negotiate things like repairs for problems found during the inspection stage or who’s going to be paying for closing costs.

Realtors have honed their negotiating skills to a fine point and know how to tip the odds in your favor. Opting to sell on your own may leave you holding the bag on hidden costs or unaware of breaks or advantages you could have used to get the most of the transaction. Worse, you may end up with a sour deal you’ll come to regret sooner rather than later.

They work to negotiate deals all the time and are objective. You do not want to open yourself up to legal action and realtors are trained to make sure the contracts are in compliance. Their experience with the closing process will help the sale close efficiently.

3. Realtors know how to make your property stand out.

Realtors are plugged into industry trends, locally and across the country. Their knowledge is priceless when it comes to listing your home. Even though you know your home better, a realtor can make suggestions that you may not have considered for improvements and staging that will make your home appeal better to homebuyers.

Realtors know how to make your home stand out and will price it accordingly and market it with a combination of Internet and traditional advertising strategies. Only a first-rate, highly knowledgeable Realtor can help you sell your home faster and for the best price possible.

Phoenix is a desirable location because you never have to shovel sunshine.  With over 300 days of sunshine a year and its many charming neighborhoods and attractive properties it makes for a wonderful place to raise a family or retire. Phoenix Homes delivers stellar service and outstanding results. Contact a team member today to discuss your home selling needs.


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