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Why use a realtor?

 So you have decided to put your home on the market or your looking to make a purchase in the Phoenix area. This is a question that many wrestle with in today’s climate. Some folks try to sell their home on their own or think that by not using a realtor to purchase a home to save the commission on the purchase price.  Having good representation specific to you as a buyer or seller is one of the best things you can do for a purchase of this size.  Don’t leave your legal rights to chance.  Furthermore, the industry statistics, year over year, show that hiring a Realtor saves you more money than what it will cost you to go it on your own.

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We mentioned industry statistics above.   What we are referring too is that selling your home with a good realtor, while pricing your home correctly the first time, will provide you a higher profit that will not only cover the costs of commissions but also put money in your pocket. The National Association of Realtors released a market statistic in July 2014 that shows the average for sale by owner was priced at $185,000 while an average home that has been listed with a Realtor was $231,500.  That is a difference of $46,500 in list price.  For a 6% commission that relates to a fee of $13,800 for a gross profit of $$32,700 and the while you are protected within the AZ contract paperwork and by Arizona law.

A buyer’s mindset when researching homes is that of fewer problems.  It’s tough enough for buyers to have to make the home buying decision, finding the right home and going through the purchase process than to have to worry if they are being represented correctly and with their best interest at hand.  Buyers also like a good deal, however they certainly do not want a home that they would perceive as being a potential problem.

There is another statistic that shows over 89% of buyers purchased their home using a Realtor. Which means that roughly 11% of buyers looked on their own and 5% of those will eventually hire a Realtor.  Here are a few other benefits of hiring a good Realtor and having the experience of a seasoned professional working on your behalf.

We as professional Realtors have great contacts in the industry that we can lean on to help work in your favor.

When you decide it is time to put your home on the market it’s a lot more than just putting a for sale sign in your yard and rolling the dice.  Selling your home is a legal transaction that requires a working knowledge of contractual language and obligations to ensure a successful outcome. Good trusted realtors bring you a level knowledge and experience through marketing, legal applications, negotiation and communication.  All aspects of a real estate transaction that are necessary to produce the best outcome for our clients.

Good Realtors have negotiations skills

 Negotiations are a critical part of selling real estate.  A Good Realtor will provide you this selling skill at a high level.  Negotiations can include such things as, who’s paying for closing costs, purchase price, repairs, closing date, contingencies, additional terms, etc.  Experience is the only factor when knowing how to navigate these aspects of the contract and be successful. You may be surprised to know that the word “reasonable” is very under valued in the real estate industry.  We have learned that being reasonable, more often than not, gets everyone involved what they want, within reason.  Nobody wins if your deal goes to arbitration or worse.  Having this experience in your corner is invaluable and should provide you the comfort knowing the job will get done in your favor.

A good Realtor makes your home shine.

Knowing the current market and what’s selling is a basic piece to setting your home apart from your competition. Being plugged into Industry trends, the local market and weekly sales provides you the leverage needed to outshine your neighbors. There is no question that you know your home better then anyone but a Realtor can provide insight and make suggestions to help you stage your home in a better light.  In the end, you want your home sold, quickly and for the most money. All of these suggestions, done right, will do just that.  At Phoenix Homes we work hard to provide the best customer service to every one of our clients. Contact us today to discuss your home buying or selling needs. We would love to speak with you.


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