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Phoenix 10 day forecast

Phoenix has amazing winters and beautiful autumn days and all are a part of the seasonal changes in the place we call The Valley of the Sun. From October through April, the daytime temperatures range from mid 60s to mid 80s.  These temperatures make for spectacular evenings in the glow of fantastic sunsets into cool desert nights. Occasional rain and thunderstorms occur primarily during the later winter months, but snow is extremely rare and short-lived in the higher elevations.

Desert temperatures rise above the 100-degree mark from June through early September.  Arizona’s characteristic low humidity adds to the comfort level as we refer to this as a "dry heat".  Almost every environment has air-conditioning, from our automobiles to homes to businesses and entertainment establishments. Many restaurants with outdoor seating and outdoor shopping venues provide cooling or, misting systems, that encourage Phoenix residents to enjoy the sunny climate throughout our summer months.