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Phoenix Arizona is the place we call home.  Phoenix is amazing.  Yes it’s hot in the summer, no getting around that, unless you have a pool, that helps, but it’s the 300+ days of sunshine with an average year round temperature of 78, it’s a 2 hour drive to the mountains for snow skiing, 5 lakes within 40 minutes, one of the best job markets in the country and we have the Grand Canyon.  These are some of the reasons we live here.

But for a little fun, there are some significant signs that one can tell they are from Phoenix.  Let’s count them down;

Ten signs your from Phoenix Arizona

How well do you know Phoenix?

10.  You prefer to be called a Phoenician


9.  You make certain to park in the Shade

8.  You find humor in the summer heat

We have a television station called Fox10.  The weather guy in 2015 had a major glitch in his weather map but did his best to make the most of it.  When this happened he was  live on the air, it was not staged, and yet it was hysterical to us locals.  Check out that video here.  It’s worth it.

2015 Fox 10 Live Weather Report

7.  Driving in a Monsoon (Haboob) is a real art

6. You never go outside to eat ice cream

Signs your from Phoenix Arizona


5.  You know that Tucson is South of Phoenix not East

4. Daylight Savings Time is a real thing in Arizona

3. Scorpions are considered pets, with names.

2.  You know Larry Fitzgerald is an icon and always will be

Signs your from Phoenix Arizona

Larry Fitzgerald

And last but not least, the #1 reason you know you’re from Phoenix Arizona, Sunsets! Sunsets! Sunsets!

Signs your from Phoenix Arizona