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Phoenix Arizona Tax & License Information

Tax & License Information

State Income Tax
Arizona imposes a graduated income tax similar to the Federal Income Tax in structure. Returns are due April 15. 2017 tax rates range from 2.59% to 4.54% of Arizona Adjusted Gross Income.

Deductions and Exemptions
You may take a standard deduction or you may itemize deductions.

Graduated Tax Scale
Income tax is calculated on a variable scale based on income level.

Contact: Arizona Department of Revenue
1600 W. Monroe, Phoenix, AZ 85038-9032

Retail Sales/Transaction Privilege Tax
Effective June 1, 2013 the Arizona sales tax rate for retail purchases is 5.6%. Maricopa County adds on .7% sales tax to support roads and jails. That’s a total of 6.3%. Then, each city may add sales tax (e.g. Phoenix – 2.3%, Scottsdale – 1.65%). If you add the total of the Arizona sales tax and Maricopa County sales tax, 6.3%, to the city sales tax rate, you’ll get the total retail sales tax that you’ll pay when purchasing merchandise in that city.  Arizona does not charge sales tax on food purchased at retail outlets for home consumption (grocery stores). Cities are allowed to do so, and almost all of them do.

School Tax Credit

A credit equal to a $200 contribution by a single taxpayer of head of household or $400 contribution for joint filers is offered by the state.

Estate, Inheritance & Gift Taxes
Residents pay no estate, gift, inheritance or poll tax. Contact:

Estate Tax Division
1600 W. Monroe, Phoenix

Vehicle/Gasoline Taxes
The state imposes an annual motor vehicle license tax in lieu of personal property tax.

Maricopa County Assessor
301 W. Jefferson Street, Phoenix

Homeowner’s Exemption

Every person over the age of 18 residing in Arizona is entitled to the Homestead Exemption. Homeowners do not need to take any action to assert the exemption because the exemption attaches by operation of Arizona law. The Homestead exempts a single family home, condo, cooperative or mobile home in which the person resides, from attachment, execution and forces sale due to a non-consensual judgment or lien, up to $150,000 in value or equity.

New to Arizona
For voter registration, vehicle registration, or to change your address, go to

Registering a new Business
Visit for a step-by-step guide for expanding, relocating, and other details to starting or growing your business in Arizona.

It is advised to maintain your records related to the payment of taxes, documentation of deductions, and any other pertinent information for a minimum of four years after each business year.


Arizona Tax Assistance

Property Tax

800.829.1040 (individual)
800.829.4933 (business)

Mailing Income Tax Returns
Expecting a refund or paying no tax:
P.O. Box 52138 – Phoenix, AZ 85072-2138

If your return has a barcode with no payment or refund:
P.O. Box 29205 – Phoenix, AZ 85038-9205

Tax returns with payment:
P.O. Box 52016 – Phoenix, AZ 85072-2016

If your return has a barcode with payment:
P.O.Box 29204 – Phoenix, AZ 85038-9204




Pet Licenses
All dogs must be licensed. All new dogs must be registered and vaccinated for rabies within 30 days of arriving in-state. Contact:

Maricopa County Animal Care

Boating, Fishing & Hunting Licenses
Arizona requires licenses for fishing, hunting and boating. For detailed information contact:  AZ Game & Fish Department, Mesa  480.981.9400




Driver's License?As soon as you've established residency, you must get a state driver's license. Go to any DMV office with all necessary documents. You will take a vision test and may also be asked to take the written test and driving test. Fees vary.

Vehicle Registration?You must register and title all vehicles. You will pay motor vehicle taxes (replacing personal property taxes) plus a registration fee. You must complete emissions testing before registering your vehicle and obtain proof of state vehicle insurance. Bring your out-of -state driver's license; SSN card; vehicle title and lien papers; current vehicle registration and proof of age.

For more information, including DMV locations, contact: Arizona Department of Transportation

For emissions confirmation, contact:  Car Care Hotline

Proof of Insurance
Your vehicle must be insured for bodily injury and property damage before you can register it. For specifics, call or visit online:  Arizona Department of Insurance

Safety First!
All drivers and passengers must use safety belts when riding in a passenger vehicle on state roads. It is now Arizona Law.  All children under five years old weighing less than 40 pounds must sit in the back seat while secured in a child safety seat.




To register, you must be a U.S. citizen who will be 18 years of age or older prior to the regular general election following registration and an Arizona resident for 29 days preceding the election.

To request absentee ballots or early voting ballots, contact:

Maricopa County
Department of Elections, Phoenix AZ

Secretary of State, Phoenix AZ