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Ideal Energy

Ideal Energy is a full-service home energy efficiency and HVAC contractor serving the greater Phoenix, Arizona metro
region, including Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler. We offer a comprehensive suite of energy-saving home improvement services that improve comfort, indoor air quality, and building health and safety in home and business applications throughout the region.

Dedicated to Quality HVAC and Energy Efficiency Services
Ideal Energy was founded because we wanted to do something that had a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment. After noticing that one Arizona house would use two or three times more energy than a house of the same exact size, we realized that the amount of energy people were using wasn’t always caused by occupant behavior. In many cases, it is the actual construction of the home that causes energy to be wasted.  We recognize that buildings work as a system, and if one component is thrown off, the entire building doesn’t function as it’s supposed to. This causes high bills, uneven temperatures in the home, and poor indoor air quality. We take pride in being able to solve these issues.

Ideal Energy: A Trusted Name in Energy Efficiency and HVAC Services
As a local leader in the heating and cooling industry, Ideal Energy is an energetic company that prides itself on superb customer service, holistic solutions to common building problems, and quality workmanship. We offer the bulk of our residential and light commercial services in-house, setting us apart from the vast majority of home performance and HVAC contractors, many of whom outsource critical components of a comprehensive home performance upgrade.

Your Home Comfort is Our Priority
We know the difference that a properly designed and installed heating and cooling system and attic, wall, and basement insulation can make to improving home comfort and lowering energy bills. The Ideal Energy team goes the extra mile to ensure that our Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler, Arizona customers are comfortable throughout the year.

Ideal Energy
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