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Dane and Jenna N. – San Antonio, TX

We’ve now had the pleasure of working with Bryan on both a buy and a sell of our home, both were out of state relocations, and both went as smoothly as we could have imagined.

On our most recent transaction, the sell of our home, my company assigned us two realtors to choose from. After meeting with both of them we felt as though something was missing, and after discussing more, we realized it was just that they weren’t Bryan! We petitioned the relo company to allow us to use him, and luckily for us, they agreed.

Once we had Bryan on board, we were on the market right when we wanted to be. He was helpful in ensuring our house was properly staged and as ready as could be for the first weeks of our listing. From there, his expertise came into play immediately as we had many showings over the first few weeks and ended up in a multiple offer situation. He helped us walk through the different components of each offer, the pros and cons, and ultimately helped us negotiate like a pro.

Not only did Bryan manage the transaction perfectly, he helped keep our expectations in line, ensured we were as inconvenienced as little as possible, and also managed my stress level during our relocation and my week in-week out travel schedule.

We are looking forward to being able to use Bryan again in the future.

Thanks for everything.